Mini-Hotel Shuvaloff (St. Petersburg).
Accommodation and prices

We offer our guests a flexible system of payment for accommodation in hotel rooms: operates daily or hourly rate, as well as cash and cashless payments. Accepted credit cards - VISA, MasterCard.

Prices from 1/10/14 till 4/30/14

RoomsRooms' prices(rub.)
Economy 2 100 RUR 2 600RUR
Standart 2 300RUR 2 900RUR
Comfort 2 500RUR 3 200RUR
Prestige 2 700RUR 3 500RUR
Studio 3 000RUR 3 800RUR

(Booking from site with 5% discount)

Location Plan Room

Check-in time - 12:00. The price of the hotel room includes breakfast.
Children under 5 years old (without extra bed) free of charge.

Rooms "Comfort" and "Prestige" have extra bed.
Extra bed - 25% of the double room price.
2 extra bed - 35% of the double room price.

Late check-out

In contrast to the high cost of accommodation in hotels of St. Petersburg, our advantage - reasonable prices for the room, as well as the opportunity to stay at the hotel after checkout time. For late check-out the following system of payments:

Period Payment
12:00-18:00 1/24 of the daily rate for each hour
18:00-24:00 1/2 per room per night
after 00:00 daily room rate

Hourly Payment

Private mini-hotel Shuvaloff (Vyborgskii District), located near the highway "Scandinavia" and a 5-minute drive from Vyborg highway, we offers tourists the opportunity to stay for the night or relax in the hotel for few hours, without paying the daily room rate completely. Prices bellow:

Rooms 2 hours (RUR) 4 hours (RUR)
Economy 1 600 2 000
Standart 1 700 2 200
Comfort 1 850 2 500
Prestige 2 000 2 600
Studio 2 200 2 900

Booking from site with 5% discount.

From 01/05/14 till 09/15/14 High seasons prices.

Economy 2 600 RUR 3 100 RUR
Standart 2 800 RUR 3 400 RUR
Comfort 3 000 RUR 3 700 RUR
Prestige 3 200 RUR 4 000 RUR
Studio 3 500RUR 4 300RUR

The hotel belongs to
the category of small hotels
(19 rooms). Its opened in January, 2009.

Modern, cozy and comfortable
hotel has everything necessary
for making guests feel
like home.

The hotel is situated at the entrance to St. Petersburg in the green zone, near the park Shuvalov.
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