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Calculation of cost of residing in Shuvaloff Hotel (without discounts)

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When booking rooms from the site you get 5% discount

To reserve a room in the mini-hotel of St. Petersburg, to clarify availability of rooms and to make advance reservation for suitable dates don’t hesitate to contact us by phone +7 (812) 516-87-07 or +7 (812) 715-77-11. Please inform us about dates you are going to check –in and additional services you need: a meeting at the airport or railway station, registration.
To cancel the reservation in the mini-hotel “Shuvaloff”, call us for three days prior to arrival.
Please note that this reservation is advanced and not guaranteed. To change this reservation to assured one you should send the completed form of guaranteed reservation or a letter of guarantee with the legal address and bank details of your company.
For all additional questions we will be glad to answer 24 hours a day by phone +7 (812) 516-87-07 or +7 (812) 715-77-11 or e-mail you.
The hotel belongs to
the category of small hotels
(19 rooms). It’s opened in January, 2009.

Modern, cozy and comfortable
hotel has everything necessary
for making guests feel
like home.

The hotel is situated at the entrance to St. Petersburg in the green zone, near the park Shuvalov.
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