Lomonosov str. 102,
Pargolovo, Saint-Petersburg

Room prices

Mini-Hotel Shuvaloff (Petersburg).

We offer our guests a flexible system of payments for accommodation in hotel rooms: daily or hourly payment, as well as cash and bank transfer. Accepted bank cards - VISA, MasterCard.

Late check-out

In contrast to the high cost of living in St. Petersburg hotels, our advantage is affordable room prices, as well as the ability to stay at the hotel after checkout time . If you are leaving the hotel late, the following payment system applies:

Period Payment
12:00-18:00 1/24 of the daily room rate for each hour
18:00-24:00 1/2 of the daily room rate
после 00:00 after 00:00 daily room rate

Room Plan

When booking a room from the site you get a 5% discount.